Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Secret!

I can finally share my secret! I made the Design Team for www.simplyobsessed.biz which is a brand new kit club. The kits look totally awesome and I'm so excited! Check it out!

We are currently in Florida (Destin area) on vacation. Drew was not totally crazy about the beach yesterday but we finally got her to play in the sand a little by putting a towel down for her to sit on. She really was more interested in hitting the bucket with her little shovel. I got tons of cool pics and I'll definitely share them (well once I figure out how to add pics on here! LOL!)


Ronda said...
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Ronda said...

I'm soooooo totally jealous!!! I wanna go back to Destin!! Congrats on the design team! So exciting! Have fun on vacation!!

AmyG said...

Congrats girl!!! That's soooo cool!
Wish I was back in Destin too!!! We had so much fun!! My secret is not that good...it's more a secret from somebody that gets on my blog...gotta keep it under wraps for a few more days...just something I'm working on...more like something that has consumed my every scrappin' minute! I'll post it soon!