Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scrap-Friendzy Blog Hop

Welcome to your 6th stop on the “Friends with He{art}” Blog Hop sponsored by Scrap-Friendzy! If you are following the links from the beginning of the hop, you should have come from Cheryl's blog. If not, and you wish to participate in the blog hop, please start at the Scrap-Friendzy blog HERE.

Today, I am excited to share a couple of things with you--one paper and the other yummy! I'll start with the paper otherwise you'll run off to the kitchen and never make it through this post! LOL!

Drew is in Pre-K this year and the paper crafter in me cannot just go to the store and buy a pack of regular Valentine's cards for her class party. That would just be WAY TOO EASY and of course I can't do that! LOL! I also didn't want to buy a bunch of candy to add to the piles I'm sure they'll be getting already so I decided to get microwave popcorn. Drew loves to make popcorn so I'm hoping the other kids in her class do too! I came up with a pretty simple (aka EASY) way to make it look festive and Drew can help me do the rest.


Package of Microwave Popcorn
12" x 12" cardstock (each sheet will cover 2 bags)
stickers, patterned paper, etc for embellishing

1. Cut cardstock to 6" x 12".

2. Score at 4.25" & 8.5" to create 3 sections. (You may need to adjust this depending on your popcorn package.)

3. Wrap cardstock around the popcorn package. I used a tiny bit of tape to hold the popcorn pack in place.

4. Embellish as you wish.

Drew will be helping me make the ones she'll give to her classmates this weekend and I'll be sure to share her creations when they're done! She LOVES sticking stickers so they are sure to be quite decorated! LOL!

Now for the YUMMY!

I've recently discovered the site Our Best Bites. They post some of the most wonderful recipes and I've tried a few things so far. The popcorn recipes were a HUGE hit with our friends and family over Christmas. The other day I made their Reese's Peanut Butter Bars and they are absolutely DELICIOUS! I mean how could you go wrong with peanut butter, butter, and chocolate? Before I scarfed them down I tried to be all fancy and take a few pics! LOL! Clearly I am not a food photographer though it was much easier than trying to snap a pic of Tiny--the food neither yells at nor runs from me! LOL!

They are really easy to make and would make great teacher treats for Valentine's Day. One pan would be more than enough for several gifts.

In addition to the Blog Hop prize given by Scrap-Friendzy, I'm offering a small RAK too. Leave me a comment with something you're making for Valentine's Day--either paper or sugary (or anything else you find cool!) and I'll put your name in a drawing for a cute assortment of Valentine's embellishments.

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Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of the hop!