Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Mojo

This week's challenge is to use memorabilia on a layout. Get out those ticket stubs, brochures, ballgame programs, and receipts and put them on a page! On my example I used our ticket stubs and created a chipboard embellishment with part of a brochure.

Go to to load your layouts before Midnight Sunday. The entire challenge can be viewed here.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

PS--Just got off the phone with the local Zales store manager and he is overnighting my ring to Florida and has been speaking with the manager and the jeweler there. He ASSURES me that my ring will be perfect when I receive it back in a few weeks. We shall see. :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Hate Zales!

Ok maybe 'hate' is too strong a word but they are definitely not high on my list right now!

Remember that BEAUTIFUL new ring I posted about? Yeah it's on its way back to Florida as I type. I was so excited that it finally got here when I posted before that I failed to mention the many flaws it had. The center stone was set crooked, set with yellow gold (on a white gold ring!), and the stone was loose! It actually JINGLED when I typed!!!!! Plus when they set the stone they added to the diameter of the band so it no longer fit my finger. Anyhow--rather than send it back to Florida we took it to the Zales here. We have the Lifetime Protection Plan that is (supposed to be) good at any Zales store. We took it 2 weeks ago. They were appalled at the way the stone was set. They couldn't believe and were embarrassed that a Zales store would send out a piece of jewelry in that condition. They assured us that it would be fixed and look perfect from ALL angles and not fly off my hand if I waved.

Fast forward to today. We went in to pick it up. The stone did not jingle--that's good. The ring fit my finger perfectly--excellent. Turn it to the side--OMG! It looked the same--if not worse! It was still set with yellow gold and still in their attempt to fix it they removed some of the detail from the sides. I seriously almost started crying! Especially when the lady informed us that it was not their mistake to begin with and then she told us that they were not going to fix it. That it would have to be sent back to the store in Florida. She also kept talking about the fact that it came from a "Zales Outlet" store like it was made out of glass and aluminum foil. That really ticked me off! Especially with the fact that it is a REAL "Zales Certified" diamond and it is REAL gold and it did REALLY have a 5 figure price tag! It shouldn't matter where it was purchased--it has their name on it. They should stand behind it! UGH! Totally sucks!

So Jason will be speaking to the Florida store Monday and he assures me that (a) I will have a brand new base (since they've all made a mess out of mine) and it will look perfect or (b) they will have to give us a refund. Or he said they will be speaking to our lawyer (We have a lawyer???). It will be interesting to see what actually happens. All I know is that I LOVE that ring and WANT THAT ring! I don't want to pick out something different. It is the perfect one--if they get it set correctly!

I can't completely hate them because we also took my original wedding ring in to be resized. I've not been able to wear it in forever--since February 2006 to be exact! They resized it perfectly and cleaned around all the side diamonds and polished all the scratches away. I swear it looks better than it has in the 12 years I've had it! All sparkley and pretty! I still love it! And I still LOVE the man that gave it to me!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Mojo

I've been so excited for this challenge! Last week, Rachel (at CMK) hosted "Scrappy Hour" and this is what I created. I am LOVING the 6" x 12" size and I'm LOVING, LOVING, LOVING the transparent background! The pink paper is BEHIND the transparency and everything else is layered on top. How cool is that?

Because I loved this layout so much, I asked Rachel if it was OK for me to use this technique for my "Monday Mojo". This week I'd love for you all to create a layout or a card on a transparent background. You'll love it! When you get your wonderful creations finished be sure to post at to be included in my weekly drawing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is there really a problem

with people trying to get out of Wal-Mart with a curling iron stuffed down their pants? That's the only reason I can think of that it took me 10 freakin' minutes to get my new curling iron out of its package! People must be stealing them via their pants! So if you see someone walking a bit funny and they have an electrical cord following now know what it is! I could have severed a limb getting into this thing! Then I would have died with yucky hair! UGH!

Jason broke his toe this morning. Who knew you had to open the door BEFORE you go through it? It looks really gross and of course I took pics but don't worry I won't post them here. You may, however, have been lucky enough to receive it in your email! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Mojo

It's that time again. This week I want you to document something funny that your kids say. Drew always says "Uh Uh Oh"--always with 2 "uhs"!

Go to for the full challenge instructions and to post your layout!

I went to the mailbox today. With Drew. (In the car, silly!)

I'm Simply Obsessed!

The first newsletter for went out today so I can finally share my layouts with you! Pay special attention to the felt--that was what I trekked to the mailbox for!

How cute is that face?

That one's a bit boring--just a hotel room from our trip to San Antonio--but this kit seemed to have been made especially for those photos!

And my very favorite project of all--a mini album of just Drew & I. It took forever (ALL DAY!) to make but it was totally worth every minute (ummmm...every hour)!

If you haven't already signed up for the awesome kits at Simply Obsessed, head over and pick one up! (Tell them I sent ya!) You will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

There is a reason I don't check my own mail!

What started out as a quick trip to the mailbox turned out to be the biggest adventure Drew and I have ever had! It's a bit humorous now that I think about it and I'm sure the squirrels were laughing their bushy tails off, but at the time I was scared to death!

Drew was getting sleepy this afternoon and kept saying "night night night night". (She could have really been saying anything but that's what it sounded like! LOL!) I knew that my SO kit was in the mailbox but Jason was too busy with work to go get it. Since it was time for Drew to go down for a nap, I decided to run (AKA take my car) down and get it so I could play while she was asleep (cause if you read yesterday's post you know I couldn't dare scrapbook while she's awake!). I put on more clothes (a cool part of being a SAHM is that you can wear ANYTHING you want in the house!), grabbed my camera (needed to take a picture of our road for another project), and took Drew to the car. I opened the door to find no car seat. Yes I was just going to the mailbox via the driveway but seriously do you think I could drive with that monkey loose in the car????? It was in Jason's truck which was right there by my car...locked up tight! UGH! The sky was starting to look a bit yucky and I didn't have time to stand around in front of the garage debating what I could do so I put my camera in my car (who could wrestle with a Rebel and a monkey?) and set off down the driveway on foot. Now those of you that live in nice little neighborhoods are probably thinking "She really would drive her car to the mailbox?" I cannot see the road from my house. Our driveway winds through the woods. Our driveway is gravel not concrete so YES I take my car! LOL!

I get halfway down the driveway and I'm thinking "This ain't so bad" but of course, I'm going downhill. The wind was starting to pick up and the sky was getting darker. I picked up the pace. Drew apparently thought I was bouncing her too much cause she started shrieking like she does in the car when we hit a bump. Really is Fancy Pants felt worth this? Oh it was! LOL!

I finally make it out of the wooded area where I can see the road and the sky. Holy Cow! It was totally black up there! I high tail it to the mailbox which was full! Somehow I manage to get the Priority box (containing my precious felt) out and grab the envies (noticing that the black spider I told Jason about 3 days ago was STILL in the back corner!). By now the wind is blowing so hard I can barely stand up straight. leaves and dirt are flying around, and my arms are way too full! And to top it all starts lightning!

I am terrified of lightning. Wasn't really until about 3 years ago when Jim (our BIL) got struck in his own backyard. Yes he was just knocked down, spent only one night in the hospital (for observation), and is perfectly fine but he is over 6 feet tall and like 3 of me so I'm gonna bet I wouldn't be that lucky! Wasn't really wanting to find out today. Plus I was carrying my most prized possession (NOT the felt silly! Drew!). I took off running! Quit laughing (yeah it's a bit funny to me too. Now anyways!). Have you ever ran uphill, on gravel, in flip-flops, carrying a box, 5 envelopes, and a very wiggly 25 pound one year old? I didn't think so! Most people would have taken one look at the sky and immediately gone back into the house!

So here I am, panting like a dog in a desert, attempting to run (did I mention it was uphill?) and limbs from a tree fall out right next to where we were. Good grief! Could it get any worse? Oh but it can! It thundered, I screamed, Drew latched her little arms around my neck as tight as they would go, and it started raining! At this point I still could not see the house! Seriously! How far is the house from the road????? (840 feet according to Jason but I'm thinking that is not taking into consideration the curves!)

By now I'm fairly certain I'm gonna die! If the lightning doesn't kill me, I'll surely have a heart attack. I must be the most out of shape person in the world! (Although I was testing my endurance under some super crazy conditions!) Or I could be strangled by the death grip Drew had on my neck! Poor baby! I know she was scared to death! Not only had Mama drug her outside (where no sensible person would go! LOL!) but now there was loud noises, falling branches, flashing lights, and shower-like conditions (Drew does NOT like showers! LOL!).

Finally the house is in sight! Do I continue to stumble up the hill around the side of the house to the only unlocked door? Or do I put Drew on the front porch and run through the house to get her? I wisely chose to continue stumbling. She's so fast she'd be off the porch and halfway down the driveway again by the time I made it to the front door and I did not want to have to start this journey over! We made it into the garage just in time for the pelting, side-ways rain to start. I put her down before I dropped her, but she wanted no part in that! She immediately started climbing my leg, crying and screaming. I totally felt like the worst mother in the world! A total idiot!

Once in the house she was OK. I however was NOT! I still thought I was gonna die! Couldn't breathe. Wasn't sure if I should cry or throw up. My legs and arms were shaking so bad I couldn't stand up so I just laid down in the hall. And my sweet girl took that opportunity to pounce on me! LOL!

A good while later I called Jason and asked him just how far it was down the driveway and would he think that it'd be tough for someone to walk to the mailbox and back while carrying a 25 pound baby. He said "Well yeah! It's raining!" "Ummmmm. It wasn't when I started." And he LAUGHED! (And wanted to know what it would take for him to see me reenact it!)

And that is why I DO NOT check my own mail!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Gimme a classroom full of 6th graders!

Seriously! For the first time in 9 months I actually wished I was at work instead of here! It all started when I heard lots of grunts and strange noises over the baby monitor. "What in the world could she possibly be doing in there?" I stumble down the hall to find Drew halfway out of her crib, one short chubby leg dangling over the front edge! "How in the heck did she get up there?" She must have the upper body strength of an Olympic gymnast! I got her down and she immediately repeated! UGH!

The day continued with Drew jumping up onto the couch, me getting her down, her screeching at me (How dare I try to keep her from harm???) while flinging herself to the floor. The fit abruptly stops and up she hops again! We went through this at least a thousand times today! She fell off (or catapulted off) the couch I know 6 times. I swear she's gonna look like she's been abused! She's like a bull in a china cabinet...crashing into everything, climbing over, jumping. A total bundle of energy! At nap time I had to stand outside her bedroom for 20 minutes watching to make sure she didn't plunge to her death.

Fast forward to this evening. She couldn't decide what she wanted to eat so she had a "baby buffet". Ravioli, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn, and 2 different types of cookie/toast things. Most of it ended up on the floor. Meanwhile Jason was running around looking for the fake wrench/screwdriver thing mandatory for lowering Drew's mattress and Drew repeatedly whacked me in the head with her Lil' People Fire Truck. FINALLY the bed was lowered and Miss Wild Child was put to bed!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Drew more than life itself and I waited a long time for her. Staying home with her has really been a dream come true but today? Whew! Surely tomorrow will have to be better. Right?

Monday Mojo

OK! I know the title may be a bit silly but I was trying for something catchy. I've started a weekly inspiration challenge over at Simply Obsessed. This week I'm challenging everyone to make a "monochromatic" layout. Monochromatic means varying shades of the same color. Here's my example.

Head over to and check it out! There's a prize involved!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A few layouts

This is my last official month at Creating Pages/My Kits & Pieces. I have been asked to stay on as a "free lance" designer so I'll be working with a kit in December. Here are my 3 kit layouts for September. I really loved the papers this month!

And this layout was for my newsletter article on "resist stamping". It's a very cool technique. Here's the "how to's".

1. Stamp images on white cardstock with clear embossing ink & heat emboss with clear powder.

2. With a sponge dab/rub stamping ink over embossed images. I diluted my ink with a little water and mixed several colors. I think you could do the same effect with watercolors also.

Where ever you've embossed, the ink will rub away or be "resisted". I dabbed a little embossing ink/powder on the torn edges too.

Clear as mud? LOL! I got the technique from the Autumn Leaves book "Perfectly Clear". They showed an awesome example of using walnut ink.

I should be getting my first kit from Simply Obsessed Tuesday. It looks like a totally awesome kit and can't wait to work with it! Check it out at when you get a chance. It's such a great site so far!

I start my DT work at Serendipity Kits in October. Really excited about that too! Awesome kits there too! Check them out!