Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There is a reason...

why I don't leave the house on my own with the 2 tiny ones! Today's events illustrate that point perfectly!

Grab a snack! It's gonna be a long one! LOL!

Let's see....Addyson puked twice before we even got into the car. That made her extra happy & she was sure to let us, and everyone in the surrounding counties, know.

We got to CVS where I wrestled with Drew, who was wearing a monkey back pack with a tail for me to hold onto. She wanted to "charge" around and pull me! She was happy when I swatted her! LOL! Back by the pharmacy an old lady proceeded to chastise me for allowing my child to have a pacifier, giving me an ear full of why it was terrible of me! I had to walk away before I accidentally told her what I thought of her advice! (Apparently me & Danielle are attracting the "crazies" these days! LOL!) We finally got to the register where the ever-so-smart cashier rang us up not once, not twice, but 3 times! I have NO clue what the heck she did each time but I had to pack & unpack my basket each time! The entire time she was doing that Addyson was screaming. Not a small whimpering cry, but the sound a baby goat makes when it gets stepped on--you know? That hysterical tiny baby cry? It was great! And to make it even better there was a line of, I kid you not, at least 10 people behind us because why would a store around here actually use the multiple registers they have?!? And all of those 10 people wanted to offer suggestions of what might be wrong with her (while looking at me like I had done something to cause the hold up!) and I heard more than once, "She's not happy!" No shit Sherlock! You think? LOL! I was finally able to pay and get out of there!

We proceed the mile down the road to Wal-Mart (had we not been seriously out of food I would have said "forget it" and come home at that point!) with Drew hollering from the back seat "Her's sad! Her has tears!" UGH!!!! At 6 pm we walked into Wal-Mart. (That fact will be important later!) I had a list & I had my coupons. I planned to follow my list and get out of there quickly--Ha! Ha! Ha! My "monkey girl" was once again pulling me along with her tail or darting in front of the basket and stopping. I don't know how many times I ran over her cause you know my short self can certainly not see over the car seat perched on the buggy! I think we managed to get eggs & milk in the basket before Addyson once again decided that she was angry with the world. I gave her a juice bottle & she quickly fell asleep. I spent the next 2.5 hours (Yes! It was 8:30 before we got in a check out line!) chasing Drew, yanking Drew's tail, running over Drew with the basket while the tiny one screamed (because it was really just a tiny cat nap and what stupid mama would leave the house with only one bottle which was now empty?) Nearly every person we passed commented on how cute Drew was with her monkey tail and how beautiful her smile was, and of course told me "She's not happy!" in reference to Addyson! And again my response is "No shit Sherlock!"

So in conclusion, if anyone wants to know why I don't run the roads everyday, just read this! Or better yet, come get Drew & Addyson and take them to Wal-Mart!

Monday, June 8, 2009

6 Week Check-up

Addyson's 1 month check-up was rescheduled due to her doctor being hospitalized. At 6 weeks she now weighs 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 22 inches long! She has grown 1.5 inches! I guess she's going to be tall and skinny! They also confirmed that she has a small hernia. It's right above her belly button and only appears when she's throwing a fit. It's not a problem right now and unless it fixes itself, she'll have surgery when she's 2 or 3. So for right now she'll have 2 belly buttons! LOL! See her little hernia?
They decided to keep her on the soy formula and give her some medicine to help her go to the bathroom easier--hate hearing her scream! And we are also adding a bit of rice cereal to each bottle to thicken it up. That's helping a great deal with the spitting up plus it's making her feel full which makes her happier. Maybe it'll put a little meat on her skinny bones so she can wear something besides Preemie clothes soon!

I've finally gotten my scrappy mojo back! Yay! Here are 2 pages I did this weekend.