Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Hate Zales!

Ok maybe 'hate' is too strong a word but they are definitely not high on my list right now!

Remember that BEAUTIFUL new ring I posted about? Yeah it's on its way back to Florida as I type. I was so excited that it finally got here when I posted before that I failed to mention the many flaws it had. The center stone was set crooked, set with yellow gold (on a white gold ring!), and the stone was loose! It actually JINGLED when I typed!!!!! Plus when they set the stone they added to the diameter of the band so it no longer fit my finger. Anyhow--rather than send it back to Florida we took it to the Zales here. We have the Lifetime Protection Plan that is (supposed to be) good at any Zales store. We took it 2 weeks ago. They were appalled at the way the stone was set. They couldn't believe and were embarrassed that a Zales store would send out a piece of jewelry in that condition. They assured us that it would be fixed and look perfect from ALL angles and not fly off my hand if I waved.

Fast forward to today. We went in to pick it up. The stone did not jingle--that's good. The ring fit my finger perfectly--excellent. Turn it to the side--OMG! It looked the same--if not worse! It was still set with yellow gold and still in their attempt to fix it they removed some of the detail from the sides. I seriously almost started crying! Especially when the lady informed us that it was not their mistake to begin with and then she told us that they were not going to fix it. That it would have to be sent back to the store in Florida. She also kept talking about the fact that it came from a "Zales Outlet" store like it was made out of glass and aluminum foil. That really ticked me off! Especially with the fact that it is a REAL "Zales Certified" diamond and it is REAL gold and it did REALLY have a 5 figure price tag! It shouldn't matter where it was purchased--it has their name on it. They should stand behind it! UGH! Totally sucks!

So Jason will be speaking to the Florida store Monday and he assures me that (a) I will have a brand new base (since they've all made a mess out of mine) and it will look perfect or (b) they will have to give us a refund. Or he said they will be speaking to our lawyer (We have a lawyer???). It will be interesting to see what actually happens. All I know is that I LOVE that ring and WANT THAT ring! I don't want to pick out something different. It is the perfect one--if they get it set correctly!

I can't completely hate them because we also took my original wedding ring in to be resized. I've not been able to wear it in forever--since February 2006 to be exact! They resized it perfectly and cleaned around all the side diamonds and polished all the scratches away. I swear it looks better than it has in the 12 years I've had it! All sparkley and pretty! I still love it! And I still LOVE the man that gave it to me!


Ronda said...

awwww Brandi! Sorry to hear about that! Hopefully ya'll will get it all worked out!

Dena said...

I cant believe all of that B...