Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just hangin with my girls...

Fergie, Pink, & Gwen! That's what I did yesterday! In my cutie yellow car with my fancy new sunglasses!

It all started with a coupon from Scrapbook N Such. 50% off EVERYTHING! How could I resist that? I immediately began trying to come up with a way to keep Drew contained in the store while I grabbed as much stuff as I possibly could. I showed the coupon to Jason who promptly replied, "I'll make a deal with you." I couldn't help but look at him suspiciously. I believe the last time I heard that, a motorcycle was involved! LOL! He said that he'd watch Drew if I'd take my cutie yellow car and go shopping. I'm guessing he figured if I took the tiny car I could only buy so much stuff. HA! You should see the amount of scrapbook supplies that I managed to stuff into that passenger seat! I believe I "saved" $130 and really it was all stuff that I NEEDED! I can't go to Longview without going to Hobby Lobby now can I? Plus their paper was 50% off too! Had to do a little rearranging in the passenger seat but it all fit. (Did I mention that I was in the scrapbook store less than 5 minutes when my phone rang?

Me: "Hello?"

Jason: "How do you make her eat?"

Seriously????? You put food on the spoon, she opens her mouth like a starving little bird, and in it goes! It's not that hard! Apparently Drew had decided that she wasn't going to eat anything for Daddy all day! Silly girl! LOL!)

Off to Target I went. That's where I picked up Fergie and Pink. (Gwen was already with me!) Couldn't really buy much else--a Backyardigans DVD for Drew--just a little something for making Daddy's day so interesting! On the way home Jason apparently tried calling me 8 times (who could hear the phone over me and Fergie singing #10 at the top of our lungs while racing an old guy in a Dodge Avenger?)

Quick question--One would assume that if you are driving a car the color of a freakin' banana people WILL see you, right? I mean this
does not blend into the scenery, does it? Maybe it's cause I've been out of my Trans Am and in the Yukon so long that I'm not used to tiny cars or maybe it's the fact that my car is truly the size of a shoebox, but I swear EVERY single car imaginable pulled out in front of me! Hello! I'm bright yellow! Anyways...that was my adventure yesterday!

I didn't sleep all that well last night--had a crazy dream about a lady in high heels and socks! Seriously! Just picture it!

Anyhow! Today I heard the SWEETEST thing ever! Drew finally said "mama". FINALLY! I've been waiting over 13 months for that word and today couldn't have been a better day to hear it!

I've got to get busy I still have 1 more DT layout to complete and there are brownies downstairs calling my name! Later!


Lyneen said...

LOVE the yellow car.... thanks for sharing! GREAT banner pic.

Kimberly said...

Your banner picture is great! Will be checking your blog out and see how you keep creating.

Cynthia said...

Love the blog girl! Great colors, great header pic!

Dolores said...

I love your blog! Love your yellow car and taste in music! LOL

Ronda said...

ROFL!!!! What an adventurous day! Reminds me of the time Jake stayed home with kids and was attempting to make dinner. I was gone shopping without them.(Rare event)Anyway, he calls and asks,"Does corn float when its done??" I laughed so hard.
How awesome you got all those scrapbook supplies!! Love your yellow car BTW!

Kimberly said...

LOVE your new blog girl...It totally ROX! xoxo :)))

Dena said...

I wish I could have been shotgun on this road trip...
In the cutie banana car! ;)