Monday, August 27, 2007

I've been thinking....

Yeah! I know that sounds a bit dangerous, but I promise it's not. Today I've thought about a lot of stuff. Really weird nonsense stuff. Like ordinary foods that most everyone loves...except me! I'm sure you're all wondering what kind of freak I am, so here's my list.

1. Spaghetti--I don't know why I hate it. I love pizza and I like lasagna so what do I have against spaghetti? I have no idea but it's gross!

2. Root Beer--I vaguely remember taking medicine as a child that tasted like Root Beer. Hated it then and I hate it now!

3. Brownies--OK! I don't hate them but I don't really see the fascination with them either. I did make some last night that were brownies swirled with chocolate chip cookie. Now those were yummy! I think it was the cookie part that sucked me in!

4. Tea--I seriously have a logical explanation for this one. I won't go into details but it involved having a tooth pulled, a tea bag, and something called a "liver clot". Trust me! It's just better if I don't drink tea!

5. Nuts--I don't hate nuts in general. I just don't think they belong in other foods! They don't belong in cookies, candy, jello, fruit salad, icing, ice cream. I'm sure you get my point! They are fine by themselves, but they do not need food friends!

6. Red Bull--Or any of the vile smelling energy drinks Jason guzzles. I've only taken a tiny sip of Red Bull but it did not give me wings!

7. Beer--Falls under the vile smelling category! Not really sure how I'm supposed to drink something that smells soooooo BAD!

8. Bologna--This deserves no explanation! Read the ingredients!

9. Pecan Pie--See above rant about nuts in other foods!

10. Olives & Mushrooms--Those just seem to go together in the nastiness category! They are so slimy looking!

So there you have it! My list of Yuckies!

I can't be the only weirdo around here, so tell me...what are some foods/drinks that you don't like?


Ronda said...

I totally agree with you on at least two of those. 1st is the spaghetti, I think my mom used to make it so much i got tired of it. 2nd is the root beer. The exact thing happened to me, and the medicene was Pepto Bismol! To this day, everytime I see rootbeer it reminds me Pepto and vice versa!

Dena said...

I dont like spaghetti either. Dont know why. Never really have.
I cant eat shrimp no matter how hard I try.
Mountain Dew makes me want to throw up. BLECH
Tomatoes are nasty and taste green to me. Dont ask me why. But I taste in color sometimes. LOL

I cant eat or even smell sweet potatoes or yams. I threw up one Thanksgiving when I was 5 and my Mom forced me to eat them. Never again have I tasted them.
Hmm that is all I can think of for now.

Rebecca Bollman said...

Lima beans and liver. Need I say more???

Leslie Ashe said...

ewwwwwwww liver. GRODE!
Can't do mushrooms...frogs pee on them!

Ohhh you're so funny, I've DIED laughing over your foods..

Umm olives aren't slimy! They're DELISH!

I LOVE spaghetti :)

Ronda said...

haha!!! I just might watch Dora AND play Barbies tomorrow...shhhh dont tell anyone! Madison has Hanida Oliver for a teacher this year. Dont think you would know the other teachers. They are newbies.

Anonymous said...

Um, brussell sprouts? Yeah, there's not very many things I'd turn my nose up at. Oh, and liver, lol.

Christy O

Holly said...

LOL....My daughter, Zoe, feels the same way about nuts. She likes to eat some nuts by themselves but will freak out if they're in her food.