Sunday, January 13, 2008


Did you know it takes 11 hours to get from Dallas to our house? Those of you that know where I live, know that this is no where near the truth! Unless you were with us yesterday and it did in fact take us 11 hours!

Let's back up a few weeks ago when Jason took his 2007 Dodge truck in for the 2nd time because it seemed like the transmission was having issues. Both times they gave it back declaring that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Even I know that a truck is NOT supposed to sputter and lurch every time it takes off! Anyhow.

Yesterday we leave Sarah's apartment complex in Dallas headed to a rig near Clebourne (not sure if that's spelled right and I'm too lazy to look it up! LOL!) to try to fix the mess that our most recent ex-employee has created. We get about 30 minutes from said location and the truck starts lurching all over the place. The RPMs were revving up and up and the truck was getting slower and slower. Jason coasted to a stop on the side of the road (by this time we were thankfully far away from the freeways but also far away from anything else! LOL!).

The first person he calls is the lovely Dodge place that told him his truck was fine. He had warned them that he would be calling them from the side of the road very soon! LOL! They were no help at all. He then called the roadside assistance people who were very helpful but quite funny. The lady wanted to send someone to see if they could get the truck going. Jason asked her if there was a "magic transmission restart button" somewhere that he didn't know about! LOL! She got a wrecker service on the way which would take about 45 minutes to an hour because of the size of Jason's truck and the fact that we had a trailer with it (we had been helping Sarah move). Of course tow trucks are not equipped to carry wives and babies in car seats so we had to call Enterprise to "come pick us up". So there we are on the side of a busy road loading all our crap into the Jeep Cherokee they sent after us. Drew and I rode back to the rental car place with the guy that brought it. Drew kept staring at him and he kept trying to make small talk but I could tell he was as uncomfortable with the situation as I was! LOL! Jason went to the Dodge place with the wrecker and his truck.

The Dodge place refused to let the trailer stay with the truck and the rental car place wouldn't let us tow it so it is sitting in the wrecker yard for $20 a day! We are also paying $55 a day for a rental car (that we only needed to get us home!) that cannot be returned to the Enterprise place here in town. It must be taken to one 2 hours away! The Dodge place can't even look at the truck until Monday or maybe Tuesday. I'm sure the local Dodge place will get quite an ear full from Jason on Monday!

The company man we were headed to talk to? Not even there! LOL!

So.....11 hours after leaving we arrived home! With a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had everyone confused! LOL!


Dena said...

I will be surprised if you ever go to Dallas or buy a Dodge again LOL
What a freakin fiasco B!

AmyG said...

Sounds crazy!!! Don'tcha just love days like that?!!