Friday, October 31, 2008

A Super Cute Bumble Bee and A Pregnant Witch

Bet you've waited all you life to see a pregnant witch huh? LOL!

Last Saturday we went to Alex's birthday party which had a costume theme. The witch dress was the only thing I saw that would accomadate my ever growing belly! Drew also wore her bumble bee suit on Sunday when we went to the hayride/fall festival at the church. Here she's flapping her arms and saying "Buzz! Buzz!" She is so silly!

Tonight we are going Trick or Treating in town and she'll be wearing the cutest poodle skirt outfit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Today I had my doctor's appointment. Everything went great--I'm still pregnant! (In case y'all just thought I was fat!) LOL! He said that the heartbeat was nice and strong (and still only one in there) and "in the girl range" (I know it's not an exact science and he said that too but he also said that in all the years he's been doing this it's usually right on.) We will of course be happy with girl or boy and will find out for sure in December. The prospect of us having another girl is less than thrilling to some people but Jason & I know that this baby is a miracle that we were not sure we'd have and are totally excited with whatever comes our way. As he was poking and prodding on my belly to find the heartbeat I felt distinct movement in there. I've been feeling little pokes every now and then but since it's early no one believes me! LOL! I KNOW I felt it today. Wouldn't you kick and squirm if someone was smooshing down on you? He also said that my uterus measures a bit larger than 12 weeks (I guess that's what he was feeling for while squashing my stomach down?). When we went in the first time I told them 2 different dates (about 4 weeks apart) and it's totally possible that I'm actually 16 weeks instead of 12 (not as likely but still a possibility) but he said we'd check it out more next time. I gained a bit more weight than I thought but he said that it's right on target for 2nd pregnancies. I'm sure it's got something to do with the peanut butter sandwiches I eat at 3 am every night!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

12 Weeks!

I've officially passed the 12 week mark! I have been a bit more nervous this time around. I guess I didn't know enough to be nervous when I was pregnant with Drew or maybe it's the fact that this time happened so easily compared to before. Other than the constant gagging (which was just teasing me with the off week! LOL!) I've been perfectly fine. No complications of any sort which is great! I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday so it'll be interesting to see how much weight my nightly peanut butter sandwich has caused me to gain. My scale shows less than a pound so far. I had Jason take a few pics of me today (Please ignore my freakishly long shirt! I didn't realize it was THAT long until I got all dressed and by then Jason was already getting in the car! LOL! Maybe it'll shrink in the wash like everything else.) and Drew wanted hers taken too!

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Think Pink" Kit

In honor of breast cancer awareness, Scrap-Frendzy is offering a special "Think Pink" kit.

All proceeds from the sale of these kits go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

Kit Contents:

Patterned Paper

2- Glitz Design "Hot Mama Silhouette"
2- Glitz Design "Gigi Pink Zebra"
2- Glitz Design "Hot Mama Damask"
1- Paper Studio "Black & White Floral"
1- Paper Studio "Pink & White Polka Dot"
1- Paper Studio "Zebra print"


1- Textured Medium Pink
1- Smoothies Hot Pink


1- Scrap-Friendzy Hand-made "Divalicious" Flower
2- 3" White Doillies
4- Punched "Glitter-flies"
1- Swirl Stamped Journal Spot
12"- Black Ric-Rac
12"- Pink Pom-Pom Trim
12"- Silver Sequin Strip
4- Hot Pink Buttons
4- Rhinestones


Glitz Design Glitter Cardstock Stickers- Pink
Glitz Design Lrg. Roller Doodles- Flourish

You get all of that for just $25.00 + $6.00 shipping. Go to to order yours today!

Here's a few things I created with mine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am returning

to the Simply Obsessed Design Team for another term! I am so excited! I just love it there.

I am excited to say that Michelle & Brandy will be returning with me! (Brandy & I are quite the team! Perhaps a little dangerous at times but I think that just goes with the name! LOL!)

And these new faces as well:

Ronda Simpson (Ronda)
Suzanne Wikstrom (twinsand2boys)
Abbie Torroll (AbbieT)
Jennifer French (JenniferF)
Trish Harwick (TLHarwick)

I'm sad that the current term is over. I really became friends with everyone on the team and hope that we will all stay in touch! (You hear that girls? No disappearing on me!) I know that this new team will also do an excellent job and I'll gain even more friends!

A few pages

As many of you know my scrappy mojo has been missing for a while now--11 weeks and 4 days to be exact! LOL! You know it's bad when I don't even want to scrap! LOL! Here are a few pages that I've forced out recently.

These three were done with the beautiful October kit from Simply Obsessed. I even used an owl!

Here's my Random Chaos page for this week. The challenge is to use polka dots, flowers, & buttons. The tab pulls my journaling out from behind the photo.

And a few others.

Those last 2 are the same photos but one is for Drew's album and the other is for my pregnancy album.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

10 Weeks!

I am officially 10 weeks & 2 days pregnant! Jason took these photos of me a few days ago.

Now I am completely aware that my baby is only about the size of a grape and that for all practical purposes I should not be showing yet but....I did not look like this 10 weeks ago so I can only assume that it is pregnancy related! LOL!

The all day sickness has gotten so much better! This past week I was only a little bit sick at night or after I had eaten too much. I am so hoping that it stays away!

We got back from our trip to Arkansas this evening. I'll try to post some photos from that soon.

***ETA: There is for sure only one baby in there. There was only one heartbeat and I had a very thorough sonogram (pics are several posts below). The only place another baby could have hidden during that sonogram would have been in my throat! LOL! I popped out really fast with Drew too and was wearing only maternity clothes by 8 weeks with her. I am very short and the doctor says there is no where for anything to go but "out".***

The best thing about showing early is that people don't have to stare at you trying to figure out if you're pregnant or just fat! LOL!