Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catching Up!

As usual, I've made a million pages but have posted none! Aren't you glad you didn't hold your breath? (See last post if you have no clue what I'm rambling about! LOL!)

Here are my most recent creations! Click on the pictures to see them closer.

I made this page for the Guest Design Team contest at Backporch Memories and I'm happy to say that I won a spot for this month!

This page was made for my challenge at the SO crop last weekend. My challenge was based on the icecream flavor, Vanilla, so you had to create an all white page.

Last week's Random Chaos page...Nothing patterned.

Another one from the SO crop using Michelle's "Rainbow Sherbet" challenge.

A Random Chaos page--Red, blue, & yellow color scheme + buttons

These next 3 were made with the Simply Obsessed August kit. I just loved it and I am so in love with flocking now! If you haven't flocked, you must try it!

I created this page for the SO newsletter using a sketch by Sarah.

I entered this page into the sketch contest at Busy Bee Scrapbooking and WON! It also got LOTD at Create My Keepsake! (Notice I took that pic off the top of my blog so y'all don't have to look at my big butt in a swim suit anymore! You're welcome!)

During the crop at SO we took a quiz to find out what flavor of icecream we are. (I was Butter Pecan and Strawberry.) We had to then create a page using those flavors as some sort of inspiration. I took the easy road and used the colors for this page. Drew was only 6 days old here when Des & Debra came to see her.

I made this page for Kathy's circle journal. Her topic was "If I knew then" and I chose to go with the fact that I'm glad I didn't know. Click on the picture if you want to read the journaling but I won't be responsible for any running mascara!

If you are still here and have not run screaming from all the pages, thanks for checking out my blog and have a great week!


Jennifer said...

Wow ... love all the layouts! cute blog header pic, too. :)

Brandy said...

you are ridiculously talented, please stop it!! drew's getting cuter and cuter too. stop reminding me how much i have to before i can be as cool as you!!! =)

Dena said...

Yeahhhhhh!! I love them all!
ohh and I can finally see all the colors on your banner as well. It looks fantastic.
I think my fave layout is the all white snow one. That is super gorgeous :)

Erika said...

okay you can stop now cause you are putting us all to shame.

I am still crying too! and You were a little hottie in 1995! Sexy leg woman! LOL

Tammy said...

Amazing pages, you really are a very talented lady. Congratulations on the GDT spot and LOTD. :)

LoRi said...

OMG, have you been scrappin or what?? Beautiful creations!!

Leigh said...

Great layouts! I especially like the journaling on the last one!

Andrea Amu said...

Yes, these are all terrific pages! I always enjoy perusing your gallery at CMK! You certainly have been on a good roll with the GDT spots... congrats!

Amy W. said...

wowzers that was major fun seeing all those creations in one post! :) love love love your work girl!

Kory said...

Girl you have been so busy and let me just tell you that your latest layouts are all GORGEOUS!!! I am so jealous! :-)

Karen said...

Congrats on the Guest DT spot. That layout is so gorgeous!!

Kory said...

I've tagged you on my blog! Check it out when you get a chance! :-)

Melanie said...

Oh Brenda, I love the journalling on your CJ entry. What a devastating loss for a young woman.

Melanie said...

Woops, sorry Brandi I called you Brenda.