Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lots of stuff

to share!

First of all, I was asked to be the Guest Designer at for March. I will be creating with Glitz Designs products and I'm super excited! Here's the page I made for the challenge that won me the spot.

The March newsletter for Simply Obsessed went out last night. Here are my pages.

Sean & Brandi had their baby, a girl, on February 12. She's very cute and super tiny!

On February 15, Drew learned how to climb out of her crib so we converted her bed to a big girl bed. It took a few days to get her to stay in it! Of course we had to get photos of the escape!

On February 23, I drove to Houston at the crack of dawn for a day of scrappy shopping with Brandy & Heather. We had a blast!

Here is last week's Random Chaos challenge--a birthday page.

This week's challenge is to use photos that are at least 5 years old. I chose this pic of Pawpaw to scrap.


Michelle Lanning said...

ohh do you live by that big sb store -- the real pretty one -- can't think of the name -- but great layouts as always!

ALLY said...

Lots of great fun!! Love your last two pages girl!!!

DenaCoe said...

Woooo Hoooooo Miss Guest Designer. Still crazy happy for you about that. Your layouts and column looked great in the newsletter. Although I wish she would have made your project samples big enough to see all the cool things you did with the Stickles.

And I still have to do this weeks Random Chaos challenge. Running a bit behind this week. What is new, LOL!

Deanna said...

Great LOs yet again Brandi! I'm so jealous that you guys got to meet up to go shopping too! how fun to meet in person! And, the crip escape artist? yeah, we're there too. (sigh) our girls are getting big!

Leslie Ashe said...

YAYYYYYYYY on your GDT!!! I'm so excited for you! You're going to LOVE the Glitz!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Oh man Drew's so cute!!!!

Love all your projects B!

HEY! WE never took pics of us! (and Dena was not happy! LOL)

Love ya,

maria W said...

great layouts :D i love them all :D

Diana said...

Your layouts are awesome as always. That is an adorable picture of Drew escaping. I'm wondering how long it will be before Kaylie starts trying that :o!

Sarah said...

I love the page of Pop! You have an amazing talent! I am proud to call you my sister :)

Trish said...

love your work!!