Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No progress!

That was the verdict at today's doctor's appointment! Granted I'm only 35 weeks (measuring 37) and we don't really need progress at this point but I thought for sure all these contractions I've been having had done something! But no! Not a thing! I go back in 2 weeks but for now we're still on for a c-section on April 22 (apparently before even the chickens get up as I'll need to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM!). That's freakishly early but at least we'll be able to get it over with early in the day and it won't be 5 or 6 pm before I can eat! LOL! I guess now I can quit worrying that she's gonna just "fall out" as it has certainly felt like the past week. I gained 5 pounds this time bringing me to a grand total of 23 pounds. I'm fairly certain that all 23 pounds are in my stomach because even my biggest maternity shirts no longer fit and the "kangaroo pouch" pants are too tight around the middle! I refuse to buy any new ones this late in the game though! I'll just wear Jason's t-shirts & pj pants! LOL!

We had a little time to kill before heading to the doctor so we ran in (well I waddled in! LOL!) Hobby Lobby. They had tons of stuff on 50% off this week but I had to be good and just picked up some page protectors & some envelopes for the baby announcements I hope to get pre-assembled. Jason wanted to look at some of the home decor stuff that was on sale and we got a super cool, large wrought iron cross for the wall in the entry way. It didn't have a price tag on it (though some of the others that were similar were $39) and when we got up to the register with it the girl decided that it should be $20 so we paid $10 since it was on sale this week! Such a great deal!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Nursery--so far

We got the furniture all set up last night! I love the pieces we picked out! I think they look really great with the white shutters that were already in the room. Today I go the bedding put on the bed and a few things set out. I am so happy I found this bedding! Love love love the bright colors (not a fan of pastel baby themed stuff and I wanted something that would really pop against the white furniture). I still need to get a pad for the changing table/dresser and put some stuff up on the walls but we're definitely making progress! Drew picked out the giraffe in the rocking chair. She has one similar. It plays music & she sleeps with it every night. She said that the baby needed one too. (Well she actually picked it up in the store and said "For baby!" so we bought it.)

We also converted Drew's bed to the full size "big girl bed" last night so I'll share photos of it soon. She LOVES it! But she looks so tiny sleeping in it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

April 22!

That's the day we'll get to meet "Baby No Name"! Not entirely sure of the time of day yet although they did say something about 5:30 am. LOL! They have apparently never met me--there's not much I will do at 5:30 am! LOL! It will be sometime before noon. We should know for sure when we go back on the 25th.

My glucose test came back OK but it seems that I am anemic so I have to start taking some extra iron pills to build my blood count back up before delivery. That would explain why I feel really weak and shaky sometimes. My stomach measured at 33 weeks (I'm 31 weeks 5 days technically so that's too far off.) but I have not gained any weight this time. I weighed the same as I did 3 weeks ago.

Since getting home this evening, Jason has put together Drew's "big girl bed" but she won't get in it because he's in the nursery assembling the baby's crib and she MUST be in the middle of the action! Mom is here and she's going to help me decorate the nursery tomorrow so I should have some photos to share in the next couple of days. I've washed all of the baby clothes I saved from Drew so all we really need to have a baby is a name! I have picked out one--Jason has not warmed up to it yet but according to him he "doesn't hate it anymore". I'm still working on him! LOL!

I'll try to be sure to get some pics to share soon!