Friday, February 20, 2009

30 Weeks

Can't believe I'm at 30 weeks already! Not too much longer now!

I had a doctor's appointment last week. Did my glucose test and it turned out fine (I guess--they didn't call to say otherwise.) Everything checked out fine. I've gained a total of 18 pounds so far which is not bad considering I gained 39 with Drew. My hands and feet are still their usual size--they were both incredibly swollen last time. This time it seems that all of my weight is in my stomach (obviously I know it's not since there's not an 18 pound baby in there) and I don't look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! It's looking like April 22 will be c-section day. We'll finalize that when we go back in a couple of weeks. I've been having lots of fake contractions but nothing to be concerned about though they are not very comfortable and I'm glad I don't have to have real labor.

We still do not have a name picked out so I refer to her as "Baby No Name". When I say "we" I mean Jason has yet to agree to the name I have chosen! LOL! I guess at least I'm not having the "Drew" fight. Apparently multiple people "thought" that if the baby was a boy we'd be naming it Drew. Ummmm....yeah. We already have a Drew!

We have ordered the furniture for the nursery and the bedding has arrived. The guest room has been moved to upstairs so we now have an empty room down here for the baby. My mother & I went through all of the clothes and stuff I saved from Drew. I have tons of tiny stuff to wash and get ready now. I think pretty much all I'm going to need to get is new bibs, burp cloths, & receiving/light weight blankets. Well and bottles because I've somehow misplaced about 30 of them! LOL! I found all the nipples but none of the bottles? Why they weren't all together I don't know!

I took a few belly shots yesterday (don't have any stretch marks yet though my veins are sure showing up--guess my skin is stretched pretty thin! LOL!) and then someone posed herself and wanted her pictures made too! LOL!

She is so silly! And oh so trying these days. She's developed a temper and doesn't like to be told "No!". She's also very good at fit throwing-complete with kicking, screaming, and flinging around! LOL! She's also VERY SMART! She can count to 10 (when she wants to). She can sing the ABC song (though there seems to be lots of Es, Ts, and other letters with that sound in it! LOL!) She can identify all the capital letters (W seems to be her favorite). She was telling me the aisle numbers correctly in Wal-Mart yesterday so she apparently knows most of her numbers too. She also can identify circles, oval, squares, diamonds, rectangles, triangles, stars, & hearts. She often thinks that she is a dog and will try to lick you if you're not paying attention to her. She seems very excited about the baby on most days. One day though she brought several blankets and put them over my belly, declaring, "Don't wanna see baby!" LOL! I think she will be a great big sister because most days she hugs my belly and says "I lub oooo Mama! I lub ooooo Baby Sisser!"